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ISDY will hold thier National Seminar on 19th May 2016

This event will be held in Prizren, Kosovo.

Details to follow.

A re-cap of Partner event agenda’s throughout the project from December 2012 to Present, click the Seminar material tab for each one.

Click into the Publications page and then Seminar material tab to view each one.

  • MDRI-S  – Conference May 2013
  • SHINE – Conference March 2014
  • ISDY – Conference April 2014
  • SUMERO – Conference May 2014
  • RUSIHAK – Conference June 2014
  • ADRF – Seminar March 2015
  • SUMERO – Workshop September 2015
  • RUSIHAK – Ombudsman office training December 2015


Photo’s from SUMERO’s recent workshop in NEUM Bosnia

Here are some photo’s from the workshop ”The initiative to amend the legislation on the right to legal capacity in accordance with Article 12 of the UN Convention” held in Neum Bosnia and Herzegovina on 9th – 11th September 2015

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MDRI-S will hold a side event during 15th CRPD Session. This is planned for April 7th 9-9.50 a.m.

The title of the event is “Civil Society Organisations, independent monitoring mechanisms and equality bodies: collaborating to promote deinstitutionalization and the full implementation of Article 19″.

Click here for the Invitation and details

Our Serbian Partner MDRI-S will be attending the 15th CRPD Session April 5th -7th in Geneva

The full session runs from 29th March to 21st April.

For further information see:

PERSON Project Turkey event December 2015

The PERSON Partnership met in Turkey on 7th and 8th December to combine a Partner training day covering topics such as; Article 12 of CRPD, experiences of writing shadow reports for the CRPD committee, lessons learned from providing Judicial training and other partner efforts Law reform efforts and developing new legislation.  A partner meeting for the planning of the final year of the PERSON Project and afternoon meeting with the Turkish Ombudsman office to present on the CRPD and how to understand and interpret Article 12.

Person Partners

Serbian Shadow report presented in Geneva September 2015

The Serbian partner MDRI-S was one of a coalition of CSO’s who worked on an alternative report to UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in July 2015. The CRPD session took place in Geneva in September 2015 to which MDRI-S attended and presented on its report. Here is a copy of Shadow Report Serbia

Our Bosnia and Herzegovina Partner SUMERO to hold workshop

The workshop ”The initiative to amend the legislation on the right to legal capacity in accordance with Article 12 of the UN Convention” to be held in Neum Bosnia and Herzegovina from 9th – 11th september 2015

Our Strategic Litigation Standards are now online

Ever wanted to undertake strategic litigation to achieve change? There are numerous strategic litigation proceedings underway all over the world to achieve disability justice. Find the publication of our standards to undertaking strategic litigation in our publications page.

ANNOUNCING: The Second Phase of the EU-funded PERSON Project has now Commenced

We are very pleased to announce that the project will continue for another 2 years, and that we can announce that a new partner has joined our efforts. We would like to introduce the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF), who, in partnership with the Albanian Helsinki Committee will be joining the PERSON partnership from December 2014 – November 2016. Partner details for ADRF are available along with information all of the PERSON organisations in the About section of the website. We look forward to the next two years of working together, and have some exciting activities planned. We will continue to update you about our activities in the near future, but for now, on behalf of the PERSON partnership we wish you a happy new year!